I publish it just in case someone will need it as I did.

Cayman theme for GitHub Pages is implemented with Jekyll which uses Liquid and other dependencies which rely on Ruby
on rails, so you can’t just simply import it into React project. this component is refactored, so you could simply 'react import' it, and it uses the original
cayman theme styles.

Github repo
npm package
Demo — cayman page for this repo Readme file. Note that this is a React component!

In simple cases, React Hooks will magically do exactly what you meant for, but in other cases, their behavior can feel inconsistent and unpredictable. the next article will try to deeply explain and demonstrate React hooks behavior.

The article consists of three main sections:

  • Definitions — This section summarizes important terms in React and web development which necessary for the rest of the article.
  • React Hooks — explains what type of hooks exists, what the difference between them, and how they behave.
  • Examples — examples that demonstrate everything explained in this article with an increasing difficulty rate.

Which of you…

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